Cancer now joined the other elements, a new brutal force I wasn't prepared for. Soon I was thinking that I wanted to adopt some goats. Goats felt like the answer.  
Auto-Thoughts are the first of the markers. Markers show you what you can't immediately see.
Thoughts we tell ourselves in an automatic, rote way.
Thoughts that have been repeated so many times, they are now accepted as true. We may have done this repeating, or it may have come from others. (Examples: "Being alone is terrible." or "Money is the root of all evil.")

We’re glad you’re here.  We hope to join with you in creating a way of being that is open, honest, and cultivates a happy and healthy life.

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About Me

I’m Judith, a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice and the founder of The Expert Within.  I developed a system — The Elements — to help clients address root cognitions that keep health, success, and feelings of happiness and contentment at bay.

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Why We’re Here

Transformation is at the core of our work, and is the reason for this site. Our dream is to reshape inner growth work, taking it from a siloed process to something universal and shared, understood and celebrated by all.  

This philosophy embraces what we know:  each of you has a wellspring of wisdom and harvestable ideas.  Would you be willing to pass a few along?  Have your inner expert talk with ours!  Click the Course Content button to complete a survey about new content ideas. 

How it works

Each course consists of 10 daily emails that can be read and completed in five minutes time.  The first three are free! 

What We Believe: 

We used to think that life happens to us and then it becomes a story. But turn this on its head and we get closer to The Elements philosophy. Our stories “write” us.

About The Elements

A transformation is at hand.

A transformation is at hand

A transformation is at hand.

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