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Our favorite thing to talk about is what's in your heart. We help clients look inside themselves to see whether the stories that they are living, and the stories they want to live, are a match.  Not a match? We can help with that!

A transformation is at hand.

A transformation is at hand

A transformation is at hand.

Judy took the reins and expertly interpreted what each Element had to say about my situation. That’s not something I could’ve done by myself.
Elizabeth KJ
I ended our meeting with a new clarity about my purpose and the next steps to take on my journey toward a more meaningful life.
Lynn K.
Everything you shared was in line with my own feelings and intuition. I also found the simplicity of your Elements both in imagery and concepts to be so refreshing.
Dana Coggin
Sacred Spiral Path
It was fun, informative, and gave me tools and direction to move forward with. I recommend you check out these simple but powerful love-infused Elements.
Nina Potter

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