Goat Academy

Our Approach

We tease out and strengthen what is interconnected and whole in people and in nature.

We promote decision-making and action-taking that is guided from the wisdom that resides from deep inner listening.

We realize that animals are more connected with “being” (the non-thinking stillness that helps cultivate inner listening) than we are. As such, our practices and methods promote gaining wisdom from animals and the benefits of animal therapy.

We believe that time spent in observation of nature helps to cultivate this stillness.

We work to enhance the connections between nature and people and strive to create balance in all things.

We understand that everything is interconnected and that if you pull on one strand of the hypothetical web, several others are affected.

When symptoms emerge — taking the form of pests and/or disease — we seek to re-establish balance rather than eradicate what doesn’t belong.

We have seen this kind of restorative course-correction save the lives of plants and people alike. These successes fuel our passion about what we think and what we do!