Elements Readings

Have you ever wished for deep inner understanding and strong guidance towards a compelling purpose? Have you ever felt you had inside you the knowledge, the aim and th

e conviction of your own unique journey, if only you could bring it out? Have you ever wanted specific, well-defined suggestions on what to do immediately for a more fulfilling life?

With the right tools, this is entirely possible. An Elements reading will open possibilities of self-direction and purpose that might otherwise be missed.

Elements Cards are the tools by which anyone can can re-author their story and move in a new direction.  Choose either a Reading, or Learn to Read session, and connect with a wiser, more expa
nded part of You.  Learn to Read sessions are a fun and easy way to begin consulting your own intuition, on your own terms, in your own space.

As a marriage and family therapist, a challenger of the status quo, and one who seeks to under
stand what lies beyond our senses, my broad investigations have shown me the importance of self-directed discovery and intention. Elements Cards are a simple method, employable by all, of divining a crucial understanding of our current circumstances. But they also provide the specific steps necessary to find your own way toward a life filled with joy, passion and love.

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