Intuitive Readings

I do readings with a set of  cards I designed–called “Elements” cards.  They are based on tools I developed for my psychotherapy practice–tools that help clients bring about change.  A  brief description of these tools, as well as a list of the cards themselves, will be posted soon.
About the tools–the first six (words starting with letters A – F) help clients to identify auto-thoughts, beliefs, and their accompanying emotions.  The remaining tools (words beginning with G – O) help to shift these thought-beliefs-emotions to their more positive counterpart.  This shift brings about chemical and synaptic changes, resulting in changes in our core interpretation of life.  As our worldview shifts, we attract events that are more to our liking, and life becomes more magical, joyful, and synchronistic.
The readings still reflect those archetypal struggles found within the tarot deck, but with a twist that represents my current understanding of the challenges we all face.  I’ve made the cards more user-friendly in hopes that my clients (and others) will use them to tap their inner-wisdom and strengthen their intuitive abilities.

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