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  1. Judy:
    I just read your post and found it very insightful. I will try to connect my own dots with color. Great idea! As a followup to the dream discussion from yesterday, I will give you an example of what I would call the dream-weaving technique. In my book, I describe a powerful childhood dream of my aunt/sister, 1 year older than me, where she sees a bloody disaster scene involving the two men at our cabin. Fifty years later, the premonition comes true and she will never return out of fear. The next dream is me showing off astrally for my friend and wife. My friend is impressed and my wife is not. I weave the thread of that twin reaction throughout my story. Another dream is about an old female associate who I was once infatuated with because of work who becomes old and bloated and tired over time. This metaphor portrays the folly of coveting someone else to satisfy the ego (inner critic acting up!) My last dream is of being out of control driving and having a co-worker show me a bright light. This becomes the metaphor for the end of the search into knowing. I hope this technique might help you with your own writing.

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