Let me take a few of the affirmations from the last post, and begin to develop an action plan.  Behaving “as if”  (L = Leap of Faith in Gootugo) is a good way to jump in.

Those affirmations can simply be transfered to a gratitude list.  The purpose of a gratitude list is to notice–in a more formal way–the proof of manifestation.

Needing to jump start my efforts, I took my list of affirmations, and added small ways in which the affirmations were already true for me.

So, a partial list of manifestations, with their real-life demonstrations in parentheses:

People care deeply about what I have to say.  (Carolyn, Marlys, Joanne, Vicki, Nan, Dana, clients–and others I may have forgotten about–have all said, at one time or another, my writing spoke to them.)

Being pulled to writing is part of the path to a place where I feel like an essential part of the whole–community, family, and the earth.  (My writers’ groups most always feel like places where I can express what I care deeply about, and see more deeply into others via the thing that matters most to them.)

I feel happy and satisfied; I do in life the things I love.  (I’m doing more and more of the things I love, including writing about the things I feel passionate about.)

Doing the things I feel drawn to do contributes to my well-being and sense of abundance, and that of others.  (Writing, if I refrain from using it to get approval, makes me more excited about life.)

I’m able to put the most exciting projects first because I know and experience how they maintain my financial well-being.  (I just made $75.00 on GoDaddy by selling one of my domain names.  It was a name that I thought had very little merit as an auction offering.)

I don’t fear challenging the status quo.  It brings me pleasure to have and share new and unique ideas.  (People I have lost contact with, because of my leave from work, and a move to rural Wisconsin, have said they miss me.  Perhaps this is because I contribute something unique to their lives.

All criticism or lack of interest immediately becomes the inspiration I need to become a good writer.  (I recently felt a push to prove myself when a criticism seemed to lack a supportive vibe.  It brought up an “I’ll show you” feeling.)

I feel at peace with my past, knowing that it provided just the right building blocks to get to this place.  (I’m facing the awkward feelings I get when on Social Media sites.  I say to myself: “I’m going toward my fears.”  Facing these fears turns up a hidden negative belief I can look at and change.)

This place feels like perfection.  (Sometimes when I write, I feel like I’m so in the moment that I loose track of the hour I’ve decided to devote to it each day.)

Anyone out there not following your passions?  Avoiding Social Media?  Feeling less than perfectly satisfied with your life?  Is this a help?  Comments are loved more than chocolate or gold pieces.



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