What are the Elements?

   Elements White: Inquiry—Auto-thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Consequences, FamilyGreen: Relationships—Love, partners, children, allies, friends Purple: Spirituality—Intuition, Faith, Purpose, Wholeness, Flow, Playfulness, Surrender, Soft Landings Red: Abundance—Money, Food, Shelter, Mobility, Freedom, Aqua: Growth—Transformation, Meaning, Wisdom, Understanding, Self Awareness, Orange: Health—Balance, Wellness, Agility, Energy Multi Color: Elements (Tools for Change)—Go Home Imagine JI Key Leap More Neutralize Operationalize

Elements for Change

A – F Investigate Perceptions Auto-Thoughts. Things we tell ourselves in an automatic, rote way. (Ex: “I’m alone” or “Money is tight.”) Beliefs. A thought that has been thought so many times it’s now accepted as true. (Ex: “Being alone is terrible” or “Money is the root of all evil.”) Consequences. How uninterrupted thought streams […]

Intuitive Readings

I do readings with a set of  cards I designed–called “Elements” cards.  They are based on tools I developed for my psychotherapy practice–tools that help clients bring about change.  A  brief description of these tools, as well as a list of the cards themselves, will be posted soon. About the tools–the first six (words starting […]