Remember that post called Thoughts Jumble–the scramble of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that comes forward in most standard posts about my “growth” trajectory? None of my writers’ group people liked it.  Too touchy-feely-boring-y.  But, can we talk before I hit “delete?” I went from making that post private, to public, and back again a few […]


I don’t want this blog to be one long string of threads about futility.  So let’s talk solutions. A premise:  We create our experiences–with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Some experiences are good–happy, memorable and inspirational; and some not so good–Disappointing, destructive, or just plain sad.  It seems a stretch to say that experience is not […]

Thoughts Jumble

In my recent post, Metaphor, I said that getting good things in life–like connection or perspective or a sense of self-valuation–can feel burdensome.  Why is that?  Why does getting something we want so much feel so scary?  (Stranger yet, we remedy this by sabotaging our own successes.) There are theories that explain this, lumping good change with […]


​Things that stand out—a baby’s cry, the red “post-it” arrow next to a legal document’s signature line, a robin in winter—stand out for a reason. They do this to get our attention. The proverbial red flag is an integral part of my—or anybody’s—dream world. Though I don’t ever recall dreaming of an actual red flag, […]