What are the Elements?

   Elements White: Inquiry—Auto-thoughts, Beliefs, Emotions, Consequences, FamilyGreen: Relationships—Love, partners, children, allies, friends Purple: Spirituality—Intuition, Faith, Purpose, Wholeness, Flow, Playfulness, Surrender, Soft Landings Red: Abundance—Money, Food, Shelter, Mobility, Freedom, Aqua: Growth—Transformation, Meaning, Wisdom, Understanding, Self Awareness, Orange: Health—Balance, Wellness, Agility, Energy Multi Color: Elements (Tools for Change)—Go Home Imagine JI Key Leap More Neutralize Operationalize

Why I Keep Goats

I didn’t see this coming.  I am a grey-haired, middle aged woman living on a farm in rural Wisconsin, with two Nubian kid goats (and two chickens) in my garage. At 40-something (a decade ago, give or take), I was wrapping up a New York interior design career, and scrambling onto the path of establishing […]


Remember that post called Thoughts Jumble–the scramble of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that comes forward in most standard posts about my “growth” trajectory? None of my writers’ group people liked it.  Too touchy-feely-boring-y.  But, can we talk before I hit “delete?” I went from making that post private, to public, and back again a few […]