About Me

I live on a farm in rural Wisconsin with two Nubian goats and two chickens, who sometimes live in my garage, and I work part-time in the Twin Cities as a marriage and family therapist. My life today sounds ideal but a decade and a half ago, I was wrapping up my busy New York life and scrambling to complete a Masters Degree to establish the practice and the life that I have today.
The philosophy of a work-life balance was the driving force behind my practice and I taught that we are all capable of healing ourselves. I strived to show others that mind, body, and soul are in a self-healing, interconnected loop that constantly help each other grow and improve, whether or not we pay attention.
Most of all and most importantly, I taught my clients to allow themselves to live a heart-centered, joy-filled existence.
Then, two events changed my life: a traumatic brain injury and a diagnosis of malignant melanoma. These two events helped me realize that I hadn’t been living by the standards I’d set for my therapy clients. Rather than practicing my own beliefs and advice, I was falling into the stressed-out trap that I had warned my clients against.
I was trying too hard and living too little.

I wanted to believe in a benevolent Universe, but I didn’t.  But that was then.

Things are more in balance now.